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Come and relax, listen to some great tunes, and enjoy the best coffee, tea, cold drinks, and sweets near you—plus take in the work of local musicians, DJs, and visual artists.


About the Shop

Whether you’re searching for a brand-new album from an up-and-coming artist, a clean used copy of a classic recording, a biography of your favorite musician, a hard-to-find 45, CD, or music magazine from the past, or a unique gift for a music-loving friend, the Sweet Vinyl record store at the back of shop is the place for you. Flip through our vinyl racks, see what you can find in our deep collection of CDs, check out our poster selection, and discover—or rediscover—your favorite artists.


About the Cafe

On the go and in need of a quick caffeine fix? Grab a cup of your favorite brew at our front coffee bar. Need a comfortable, cool place to check your emails while nibbling on a sweet snack? Pull up a stool at our window counter as downtown Denville’s shoppers pass by. Or perhaps you and your friends are looking for a place to chill or discover a local singer-songwriter. It’s all there for you at Sweet Vinyl’s front cafe.

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About the Sweet Vinyl Team

Sweet Vinyl was founded by longtime music journalist Adam Budofsky after a long career as the editorial director of the world’s most important publication for percussionists, Modern Drummer magazine. For thirty-plus years Adam got up-close and personal with legendary and cutting-edge artists alike, conducting interviews not only with the leading drummers of our time, but with musical icons like David Bowie, Jethro Tull’s Ian Anderson, Weyes Blood’s Natalie Merring, and members of the Flaming Lips, Pink Floyd, Yes, New Order, the Velvet Underground, the Cure, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and many more. But Adam had always dreamed of running a record shop/performance space, the kind of place where music fans could connect while hunting for records—or just relax with a hot drink on a lazy afternoon.

Preparing Drinks

Adam’s experience as a journalist, musician, record collector, and lifelong fan completely informs the vibe of Sweet Vinyl. “Record stores were a huge part of my development as a music enthusiast and social person,” Adam says. “They were a refuge, a window to the world outside of small-town life, a place to develop my tastes and passions—and to meet kindred souls who felt the same way. With Sweet Vinyl I’ve tried to create the kind of place where I’ve wanted to shop and hang out since I was a teenager, when I’d spend all my lawn-mowing money on progressive-rock and new wave records—or the hole-in-the-wall cafes where I’d often perform when I started playing in bands.”

Preparing Drinks

To help him realize his vision, Adam enlisted the help of some of the most talented business people and creatives in the tri-state area. Alan Rudolph is a bar and restaurant owner who’s launched unique and successful establishments in Hoboken and Jersey City. Jennifer Schwartz is a talented visual artist, fashion designer, website creator, and musician who has deep experience across multiple art scenes in New York and New Jersey. And Adam’s wife, Susanne, is a highly respected entrepreneur and former modern dancer who has a keen sense of the intersection of art and commerce. “Like me,” says Adam, “everyone involved with Sweet VinyI is a passionate music lover, but just as important, we’re all endlessly curious about the musical tastes and opinions of the people we meet. Hopefully that attitude will be obvious the second you walk through Sweet Vinyl’s front door. Ultimately our shop should be as much about the folks who visit here as it is about us.”

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